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Orcus, An End to a Legacy

An end to an era…

Orcus Remote Administrator was developed and designed, the “Brain child” of Sorzus. An extremely talented young German developer. When asking what to do with his creation, I met him…..

Through discussion, he and myself developed and created Orcus Technologies. a Limited Partnership Company to run, administrate, and govern this software product.

Orcus Technologies was founded in the summer of 2016, By fall of that same year, Orcus launched its first official retail version of the software.

Orcus Remote’s Clean interface, flexibility of administrative control coupled with it’s ability to include customized plugins/live code execution for features which may not have been built “In box” made it a primary and desirable product through the IT security and IT Admin community, quickly becoming  the Admin’s “Go-to” choice for ease of Network Administration.

Orcus Remote and Orcus Technologie’s company’s success quickly drew much attention and criticism from many aspects of said communities. Many of which argued it was mere and simple Malware/Spyware simply masquerading as a legitimate product.


In 2019 Orcus technologies primary and central business operator “Armada” had a federal search and seizer warrant executed upon them in regards to Orcus Technologies and the actions pertaining to said product.

News was very quick to flow through the community.

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Armada, otherwise known as John Revesz, was subsequently charged with section 342.1 under the Canadian Criminal Code.

In this specific instance, the Crown of Canada charged, that Orcus Remote Administrator was in fact directly developed and intended for Malicious use.

Given the complexities of the case and nature of said accusations of the softwares design.  Mr. Revesz (AKA, Armada) elected to take the matter to the Superior court of Canada before Judge and Jury for a final verdict on the matter, having disagreed with the justices and crowns disposition on the nature and intent of Orcus Remote Administrators design and purpose.


On Feburary 17th, 2021, the Canadian Crown Prosecution Stayed all charges relating to Orcus Remote Administrator and Orcus Technologies companies.

Unable to prove intent or malicious design, and further admitting their own court systems utilized technology similar in design and function, internal to the court systems.

To date, Orcus Remote Administrator is yet to be legally defined as anything other than a Administrative Remote Tool, meant for legitimate and legal purposes.