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Otherwise known as John Paul Revesz, was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Born on December 31st of 1982, and now currently at the age of 39

John has spent the better portion of 30+ years behind a keyboard of some form or fashion learning technology.

Breaking down to the nitty and gritty of technical expertise.

I have spent a large portion of my time through life and in ALL aspects in a Defensive or security mode.  This being said, I have developed and trained myself to look for the security flaws and loop holes nefarious or malicious entities would exploit for profit or advantage.

  • Network and Internet Architect
  • Malware Expert – Analysist / Removal
  • Network and Firewall hardening and protocol filtration
  • Virtualization services (VMware ESX/GSX, Cloud, etc)
  • Network Administration
  • Windows/Active Directory Administration / Policy Hardening.

  • Red team penetration testing
  • Remote Recognizance
  • True Penetration Testing and Exploitation

  • Charity and Community Work/Services offered. (References available)
  • Technological Education

“With great power, comes great responsibility”

These words ring true more often than one would belief when it comes to understanding your skill set, abilities and social responsibility when it comes to said stuff.

I can’t believe I said this myself, but while being held in the bull pen as the RCMP filed the charges for Orcus, I talked to an undercover cop in the cell along with me, and I told him.  “They accuse me of such a crime, but the reality is, I could cause so much more damage, with less effort”, and noted, it was a matter of simply shutting down basic critical services, like Water, and electricity. (This was noted in the court paperwork also, for anyone who cares lol)

The cold hard reality is, yes I am potentially CAPABLE of such an action, but it would be socially irresponsible for me to do so, and usually by the time someone is capable of such actions they are grown and mature enough to know better themselves.

  • Also, although they made a big deal out of it, I never understood why they would think I would do that to myself.  I tend to like fresh water and electricity lolol

The end day result is if you use your skill set correctly, you can and WILL make a difference for the better.


Be the better of the entities in a world full of chaos.

Don’t contact me, I will contact you.

Twitter: @revesz
admin @ armada . army