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Facebook Prejudice and Censorship

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Normally, I leave the social media aspect out of my ranting, but this ones just annoying.

It would seem….

I am required to be some hot chick who gives makeup tutorials, or a 13 year old gamer who spends 1/2 their free time streaming fortnite, or maybe someone finally notable like oh, IDK a celbrity, political figure, or someone else of importance to make a little Check mark show next to my name.

But John, me? No I cant secure or validate my account despite passing EVERY single eligibility requirement for their little check mark.

Providing all proof

My profile link, proof of Government ID, multiple verified links, 2 being from government sources, facebook still does not validate myself whatsoever. I find this to be a very unusual aspect to be honest.

I mean if someone as dumb as Trump can get verified by being a loud mouth, surly I can get verified to secure my own damned account, correct? One would think so. I mean who would want a Known Hacker to loose their account, right? That could actually be very damaging.

Facebook in return refuses to acknowledge cyber security experts and their contributions to the networks architecture they run on as “Notable persons”.

This is where social media gains control over the “mass heard” – The cattle of our culture. Everyone reads a facebook feed, but no one checks the source. Never once in my entire time on facebook have I ever posted true disinformation, I always voice my opinion as my OWN, and no one elses. Any possible political view I ever held, is mine and mine alone, never to be imposed on another. I adhere to these simple, what I consider “Formalities” and ” Curtsies” to online etiquette. I might not agree with you, but I appreciate your right to post you own point of view, no matter, how backwards I might personally find it.

The day we allow such entities, or corporations to decide on who can say what or when, is when we loose our freedoms, the CRTC is already working to govern this.

Id argue we fight back, CRTC I am sure is reading this posting now, and I say this directly to them

I have no respect for any entity who works behind the publics back and outright takes their freedoms in the name is safety or security.
You argued my software was malware, I argue you are the Malicious and a viral entity in the system, and need to be expunged sooner, rather than later.
CTRc’s entire division should be disbanded, and re-organized to a better more up-dated authority, with more knowledgeable foundations as to what they are handling.
Cable black boxes and pirate radio are a thing of the past, the entire CRTC needs to be revamped properly to address the current issues or be disbanded and rebuilt from the ground up.

I in no way endorse Canadian Bill C-10 It is your effort to enact a clandestine effort to control our freedom of speech. I should note our freedom to speech is a inherited right to our charter of rights, and thus you are in violation of our founding principals which built our nation.

It is in my personal opinion, every legally registered, of age Canadian registered citizen should speak out against such a policy as it conforms to Chinas dictatorships and censorship policies.

Comparing Canada to China is a hard sale, but in this one aspect, it shows clear as daylight to me which direction we are headed.

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