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Brian Krebs

By   /  June 21, 2021  /  No Comments

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Brian Krebs…

Now at first a lot of people would initially think I got a vendetta again this kindly looking fellow, but,… No.

Truth is, I feel pity for this individual. Truth be told. He is Incapable of making a mark on his own, so he writes his own version of events to make his time seem worth while.

An Open Letter to Brian:

Brian, I was only ever open to you, about Orcus, and my entire prospect to the network. Why did you phrase things the way you did?
Brian, I ask even further, why even after it all played out and I went through it all, did you refuse to report on the Legal Outcome of Orcus?

I did play by the rules, legally even, and you refuse to report the outcome.

Brian, why is that? I am honestly forced to ask myself a question or two myself here.
Whats good for the gander is good for the goose, yes?

Shall I start releasing my info to your public, and let them determine why you are no longer employed by the NEW YORK TIMES and a now self reported journalist these days?

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