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Predator Logger

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Every time I come across this script I am reminded of so many innocents whom have lost their life line due to perversion or the other evils of some peoples inner darkness.

It should come to no surprise that someone whom has the level of digital experience and networking knowledge that at times you can and will come across other peoples inner secrets, or darkest of fantasies.

As a Hacker, I can disregard many “assumptions” but I have always held myself to someone to by integrity do the right thing. And when you come across, some people, such as perversions/pedophiles, or worse.

The fear one might face with the knowledge and HOW they came to know about it. (Example, someone hacks into another computer illegally, and finds said material) There can me moral dilemmas posed.

It was my intent on writing this script to allow the user whom executes said file, the ability to preserve the evidence for legal recourse against such pricks. But also allow them to clean up and remove their tracks to avoid their potential prosecution as well, in HOPES eliminating the fear of reporting the more evil of crimes presented.

Predator Logger is a very basic shell coded script (batch actually) the file must be dropped into the media directory. it will then search and archive all known media files (files.lst) modifiable if needed, and a basic simple run on execution script from Winrar itself.

I admit, this is basic and raw in form, but has to date always been effective. – If you are that deep into someone’s system to know about this information, you can plant and execute a file. (Usually.)

Help Develop Predator Logger

Do you have programming experience and wish to help fight against the international fight against Pedophilia and Child Exploitation and trafficing?

Contact me to help make v.2.0 of Predator Logger.

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