Today, I make the final decision to retire my Aliases.

Armada, Angelis, Ciriis and the rest all die upon this post and the hosting/domain registration.

Its been a fun run, but at nearly the age of 40, and 27 years into this game its time to see who can out do me now.


I kindly bow my Hat to the next generation and encourage you take the lessons I tried to teach along the ways my friends.


27 years.
2 Published and ISBN numbered books
Countless tech articles
1 Infamous Piece of Software
Countless of other scripts and tools released.
2 Federal Charges
AND a $115k Fine.

And still never convicted of a single crime.
I implore the next generation to take a lesson from me, and know what your doing BEFORE you hop into the game.

Tech/Network world is more dangerous than ever now a days.
I shutter teaching my children how to navigate this disaster.



Respect, and Best Regards.

  • Armada

Orcus Remote Administrator is one of the most noted and known of product I have had a hand in development and oversight.

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